Are You Ready for some Football?

The Hank Williams Allstar Band…and one funny Little Stephen line

How to produce and arrange a track featuring... Little Richard,Joe Perry, Quest Love,Little Stephen ,Clarence Clemons, Bernie Worrell, Rick Neilson, Charlie Daniels, Bootsie Collins ??

You start with a scratch piano track and basic drum groove…take track to the various artist / studios all over the country ..adding parts.

Start with drums, bass, then Joe Perry , Rick Neilson, Little Stephen, keys with Little Richard and Bernie Worrell…and me (ghost), Clarence’s horn, Charlie Daniels fiddle

Then edit edit edit …the musical equivalent of a 1000 piece jig saw puzzle.

Go to LA and mix with the great Bob Clearmountain

Then ...schedule everyone for the shoot at the Hard Rock in Orlando Fla.

Except... there was a hurricane coming

Miraculously everybody gets in town, we get parts we need…except Little Richard …delayed.

1 hour prior to the downbeat of the shoot we get the call : Good news: Little Richard has arrived…Bad News : His luggage is lost.

I tell co-producer Little Stephen and he responds : "Johnny we may be in trouble here...this guy doesn’t buy off the rack"

Fell out of the chair.

Luggage found, show goes on, Little Richard resplendent.